A curated list of artists under the BasenjiDAO framework


CB is the bitsenjis creator; an artist inspired to push the limits of programmatic art based on a reinterpretation of the physical spaces around him.


Love Invaders


Ghosts are a set of unique NFTs resembling an interesting character.


A mesmerizing set of beautiful NFTs. We absolutely love the look and expression of color on these pieces!


Dotto came from land of rich eclectic culture. Born in a Bengali family, he spent his childhood in the Bombay and later went into completing his Engineering degree from Los Angeles. Today Dotto finds himself dwelling amidst Silicon Valley bringing his two lives together through his work of art.

Any purchases of Dotto artwork will entitle the buyer to receive the physical piece.


Plunge is an up-and-coming artist with a very unique set of digital artwork.



BasenjiDAO presents another one of it’s in-house project’s, EtherWolves. Team member DS brings you a pack from the ether. Kicking it off with a limited series of 250 wolves, each original sale going out with a 1k BSJ token airdrop. As usual, royalties go to the BSJDAO. Who let the wolves out?