A decentralized arts and content platform sustainably empowering artists, creators, and their supporting communities


Rewarding Artists & Collectors

Artists are rewarded for creating and collectors are rewarded for supporting, creating a circular ecosystem

Decentralized Digital Art Incubator

Founded to support new artists and the digital world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with a fair distribution model

Fair and Transparent Project

Operating under a DAO, we support communities and social impact initiatives to make a real world change


$BSJ Token



The BasenjiDAO network is powered by $BSJ., our governance token. Token holders can vote on the future direction of the BasenjiDAO network. Examples include voting on proposals, moderating upcoming artists and creators, curating future artwork, restructuring fee distributions, and more.



Become a Liquidity Providers (LP) to capture a portion of all accrued royalties generated within the pool as other users trade $BSJ.



Our $BSJ Geyser is now available for yield-farming on the GYSR platform. We hope this will incentivize participation and holding of $BSJ as we grow our community in the future.

Farming NFTs


Farm and earn NFTs

Simply stake your $BSJ. One button.

Each $BSJ = 1 point, every 24 hours, indefinitely.

Liquidity Mining


Our 95% BSJ / 5% ETH pair is now available on Balancer for liquidity mining. You may contribute to the pool and proportionately accrue fees as others trade in/out of the pair.




Join The Pack



BasenjiDAO is a decentralized arts and content platform sustainably empowering artists, creators, and their supporting communities. 

At BasenjiDAO, we believe that decentralized blockchain technologies offer tremendous opportunities to advance financial inclusion, enable digital transparency, transform existing systems and infrastructure to deliver unparalleled positive societal impact.

By utilizing a next generation model of artists’ art sales adding value to the DAO, which in turn brings value to the artists, we aim to achieve a self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits artists, the community and our stakeholders. How this is achieved is illustrated below:

The BasenjiDAO community was intentionally formed to create a diverse, global, and intersectional digital content ecosystem, and re-imagine the relationships between artists, art-lovers, and empower mutual, meaningful, community-based success. 2.5% royalties from all BasenjiDAO-sponsored NFT collections go back into the BSJ protocol treasury. $BSJ is the native governance token of BasenjiDAO, designed to reward active platform community members. 

Artists and their creators collectively and efficiently benefit from all BasenjiDAO-related protocol activity, and continued growth of the platform will only continue to diversify and grow the platform’s revenue pool. 

Once we have fully evolved into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), all governance and decision rights related to the BasenjiDAO platform will belong to $BSJ token holders meeting certain threshold requirements. Token holders will have the ability to vote on the future direction of the BasenjiDAO network, as well as allocation of accrued treasury fees generated through content royalties, buy and burn campaigns, ethereum dividends, and other related strategic activities.

$BSJ is the native governance token of the BasenjiDAO, designed to reward active platform community members.

$BSJ is distributed via: 

  1. Free airdrops from NFT purchases 
  2. $BSJ Geyser
  3. Artist incentives

You may purchase $BSJ tokens on Uniswap.

Please be weary of fake Uniswap contracts. Our Uniswap token address is: 0x43901e05f08f48546fff8d6f8df108f60570498b

  1. Go to the BSJ-ETH pair on Uniswap
  2. Click on “Add Liquidity”
  3. Connect MetaMask account
  4. Enter the amount of ETH/BSJ you’d like to add and approve the transaction
  5. That’s it!

You may yield-farm through our $BSJ Geyser. Our goal is to incentivize participation and long-term holding of $BSJ as our community grows.

  1. After adding liquidity on Uniswap, take your LP tokens and add them to the $BSJ Geyser.
  2. You will now be earning yield based on the amount of time you stake with us!

You may farm and earn NFTs in 2 easy steps.

1. Add liquidity in the Uniswap BSJ-ETH Pool & receive LP tokens.

2. Connect your MetaMask address to the BSJ NFT Farm & stake those LP tokens. You will now be earning points redeemable for NFTs! 

Yes. The team decided to lock up a portion of their own $BSJ for 99 years via Unicrypt.

$BSJ Contract Address: 0x43901e05f08f48546fff8d6f8df108f60570498b

Created by the BasenjiDAO founding team member and artist CB, the Bitsenji collection is a limited series of 500 programmatically generated NFTs inspired by punks, birds, and his basenji pup. Launched as the first official BasenjiDAO collection, every original sale purchaser of each bitsenji will receive a 10,000 $BSJ token airdrop, CB will receive sale profits, and the BasenjiDAO will receive 2% of all Bitsenji fees in perpetuity. As such, $BSJ’s first use case is as a claim on all future cash flows from Bitsenjis fees. Importantly, all sales from bitsenjis #115, #333, #361, #499, and #500, will be donated to a social impact initiative. 

Note: bitsenjis 379-388 are a limited collaboration multiple edition available exclusively for stakers in the BSJ NFT farm.

  • NFT Farm collection – Redeemable NFTs from all BasenjiDAO artists for farm stakers
  • Bitsenjis by CB – 10,000 $BSJ airdrop for 500 unique bitsenjis, the 1st NFT series released through BasenjiDAO
  • Love Invaders by CB – 1000 animated and non-animated Invader NFTs (Love Invaders series name refers to fact that these NFTs are our interpretation & tribute to Invader)
  • Travelers by Ghosts –  1000 $BSJ airdrop for unique, hand-drawn NFTs of Ghost traveling the world
  • Generative Ghosts1000 $BSJ airdrop for 100 code-generated ghosts of various degrees of rarity
  • EtherWolvesNFT by DS – 1000 $BSJ airdrop for a series of 250 NFTs, hand-drawn & converted to code
  • Fluidz 1000 $BSJ airdrop for a unique piece of artwork that shows trails of beautiful color, in NFT form. Ideas come from the galaxies that surround our wonderful world.
  • Mr. Citrus – Mr. Citrus is Jon McKenzie, a Texas based portrait and mural artist. He produces commissioned pieces for buyers all over the US, England, Australia and Germany- and now, NFTs. You can see more of his works on Instagram


The environmental externalities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions are real. With transaction volumes only increasing, we are extremely thoughtful about climate impacts of the community’s digital footprint and recognize the criticality of exploring and implementing solutions including, but not limited to carbon offsetting, using renewable and energy efficient systems, upgrading to more efficient hardware, and supporting initiatives and sustainability solutions such as Etherum’s commitment to a proof-of-stake model


There are many ways you can get involved! 

  • Firstly, we encourage you to educate yourself on crypto, internet safety, data privacy/security, and the risks of blockchain, decentralized finance, and how to respectfully participate in the wonderful community that is #defi and #NFTs
  • We are looking for artists interested in hosting collections with us! As an artist, you have the flexibility to host a collection with us, and do whatever you want after! We are trying to build a community; you receive full proceeds for every sale of your work, and there is a 2% royalty that accrue to the BasenjiDAO community, which will be governed by the $BSJ token and the token-holders  
  • We are looking for talent to help us run our community! We are a grassroots bootstrapped project open to arranging mutually-beneficial relationships! Please email us if interested in marketing partnerships, freelance development work, social media & marketing, community management, and other strategic initiatives.